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Port Transfer Services – Making the Right Choice

If any person, couple or family has to make a trip to a transport hub, it’s pretty safe to say they’re going there for a good reason. Be it a business trip, a family getaway or a simple journey to visit friends on the other side of the country, there’s a place you need to be and a time you need to be there. This is precisely why it’s never a good idea to take port transfer services for granted – at least in terms of choosing a transport provider. It might be the shortest and fastest leg of the journey, but at the same time it’s arguably the most important – get it wrong and your plans fall to pieces right in front of you. From missed planes to botched job interviews and all manner of horrors of a similar nature, it’s worth being at least a little proactive with the selection process in order to ensure you’ll be where you need to be at the time you need to be there. So, what is it that separates professional port transfer services from the mainstream?


Well for starters there’s the small matter of punctuality…something not all cab services are exactly well-reputed for. It’s all well and good to be told you’ll get your 9:00am pickup for the airport run, but another for the car to actually turn up. For some drivers, 9:00am really means anywhere between 8:45am and 10:30am – it’s not like it’s their journey that’s in jeopardy, after all! Long story short – vet all options on the card in terms of punctuality promises and performance before making a booking.


Call it superfluous if you will, but these days there’s nothing quite as depressing as jumping into a cab that seems to have been used as a cigar lounge for the past 150 years and still has the previous occupant’s chips all over the rock-hard back seat. You’re paying for this service after all, so even if comfort isn’t the be all and end all, you should at least expect value for money.

Driver Knowledge

Sat-Nav is great, but what you really need is a professional driver with a ton of experience and a lifetime of local knowledge. This is pretty much the most powerful tool in the world when it comes to avoiding congestion, bypassing traffic jams and rerouting when accidents or incidents impede progress.

Plan B

And on the subject of stunted progress, it’s also a good idea to bank on a transfer service provider that won’t just shrug its shoulders and abandon you if the cab breaks down. Be it by roadside rescue, a replacement car of just helping with other forms of transport, their job isn’t done until you get where you’re going.


And finally, the days of accepting price estimates for any kind of journey are gone…dead as the dodo. Today, the only acceptable quote is one that’s not only 100% guaranteed not to increase by a penny, but also 100% guaranteed to be the lowest quote on the market…or refunds/price matches summarily offered. If they won’t promise you the best price, it’s because they’re not offering anything close to the best price…simple.

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