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Wedding Car Hire – Why Looks Aren’t Everything

When it comes to the most important and undeniably wonderful day of any couple’s life, only the finest vehicles will do. Wedding cars represent once-in-a-lifetime luxuries the likes of which play a hugely important role in the day’s events as a whole and should therefore not be taken for granted. However, it’s common to find that when choosing a wedding car hire service for the big day, those planning the festivities will look little further than the aesthetic prestige of the vehicle and its price. But here’s the thing – when you’re talking about a day where there’s really no margin for error and perfection is the only acceptable standard, it’s important to understand that looks aren’t everything…there’s much more to an elite wedding car service.


For example, it’s all well and good booking the most stunning car ever rolled off the production lines, but if said car turns up in its own sweet time with no sense of punctuality or urgency, it becomes one more headache to deal with. The track record of any wedding car hire agency should by rights be flawless as any and all contingencies should be expected and planned for with backup options. If there’s even the slightest hint of a black mark by way of prior service provision, it’s just not worth taking the risk…you might end up stranded!


Something else to look at is professionalism – you don’t want to run the risk of the driver putting a dampener on the day. The magic of even the most opulent Rolls-Royce can be immediately laid to waste by a surly and downright rude driver who insists on smoking out of the window of the car all the way to the church. And while he’s not swearing at other motorists, he’s driving like he stole the thing. It’s all too easy to pass-off these kinds of drivers as professional chauffeurs, so be sure what you’re buying into.

Licensing and Insurance

Also overlooked on a painfully perpetual basis is the small matter of legality – is the car hire provider actually licensed and insured to carry passengers? The last thing you want is for your wedding day to breed some kind of legal row that’s still going on long past your first anniversary, so don’t be afraid to ask for full details and proof of licensing and insurance.


And finally, if the provider operated with a modicum of professionalism, they should be willing or ideally insistent on guaranteeing every element of the service package offered. You should be guaranteed a vehicle that matches the one in the picture, guaranteed a flawlessly spotless interior, guaranteed a professional driver, guaranteed punctuality and always guaranteed the lowest price. If this isn’t the case, it’s a clear sign that you could do better by going elsewhere and therefore you probably should. Use all available feedback and write-ups the web has to offer to determine the suitability of a wedding car provider before handing over a penny – the success of the day as a whole could depend on it!

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