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Private Hire Cornwall Tours – Why Private Beats Public

Cornwall is the kind of place where regardless of your standpoint on the idea, you really need to organise a tour. The reason being that there’s just too much to see for anyone to be able to cram it all into one, two or even ten holidays – it’s a corner of the UK like no other. In order to drink in the sights…not to mention a cream tea or three…you need to get out and about, which means choosing between a private tour and some kind of scheduled public excursion. Both have their merits of course, but if you’re the type that likes to focus on yourself, your family and your unbridled good times when off on your jollies, it’s a clear win for one of the two options…and it’s not the public tour wagon!

On Your Own Time

First and foremost, the minute you sign up for a pre-planned public tour you’ve surrendered to the schedule of someone else. From the time the tour sets off to the moment it gets back and right through to what time of the day you’ll eat your lunch and stop for a bathroom break, you’re technically giving up control and putting your day in the hands of another. True, this can be a good way to go for those with no real desire to make their own decisions, but for those who know what they want and have every intention of making it happen, private tours rule the roost.

What Floats Your Boat

And it’s not just about time either – a private tour is yours to tailor. Fancy heading down to Newquay’s Fistrall Beach to check out the surfers? No problem! Prefer to spend your day wandering around the cobbled streets of Bodmin? Consider it done! Friends to visit in Truro? Add it to the schedule for the day! Cornwall really does become your oyster when you’ve been provided with something of a blank-canvas and a fully loaded vehicle complete with professional driver in-tow.

Like It? Stick With It!

Fall in love with a specific place on a public tour and chances are you’ll be given about 30 seconds to drink it in before being hauled off elsewhere. With a private tour though the day is yours to do as you please with, so if you find yourself wholly captivated by one particular place, you’re free to scrap as many plans as you like and hang around to your heart’s content.

Local Charm

Plus there’s the fact that you’re not giving up the asset of local knowledge either – your driver will be more than happy to help plan a day around your tastes and throw a little local knowledge into the mix too. If it’s regional secrets that aren’t on the tourist trail you’re after, private is the way to go!

Why Pay More for Less?

Last but not least, book a trip around Cornwall for a group of people and chances are it won’t cost you any more than a bog-standard public excursion that isn’t nearly as enjoyable. So really – why pay more for less?

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